Dec-Tec has an ever-growing library of technical documents to educate, answer questions, and provide solutions. Our technical team works around the clock to ensure we stay up-to-date with our literature and are constantly improving and updating our documents to better serve you. We know you care about the details, and we care too.

Superior products means superior performance. Here you will learn the process that supports Dec-Tec’s adherence to codes and standards.

Compliancy reports demonstrate Dec-Tec meets relevant codes and standards proving it to be an approved product choice.

Our quality details can help broaden the foundation from which you assemble your design drawings and are available in a multitude of formats to ensure you have all our drawings at your disposal.

We at Dec-Tec understand that there is a need for detailed installation manuals and even more specific advanced installation guides. 

We have an ever improving base of testing, installation, and demonstration videos available for reference. Broken into short, specific videos they are great for quick, visual reminders

Dec-Tec products cannot reach their full potential without the quality craftsmanship of the installer, and using the right tools
can help our installers reach that potential and produce a finished product that is satisfying for everyone.

Our bulletins are designed to provide quick, concise literature on our best practices and considerations in areas ranging from pre-installation to repair. 

Your safety is our utmost concern, so we take it seriously. All of our products come with an SDS which can be found here.