Dec-Tec is proud to boast a program that produces a team of professionals who are experts in installing our products.

To match the professional quality of Dec-Tec’s products, we seek to have professional quality installations completed so that the product performs as intended, and delivers an exceptional experience for the end user.


Dec-Tec proudly delivers a training program, that when completed, creates Dec-Tec Professional competency for participants who will be installing our products.


Dec-Tec Professionals undergo a (1) hour Theoretical in-class session immediately followed by a (4) hour Practical hands-on session working with the Dec-Tec products directly on training decks.  The program is led by a Dec-Tec Professional expert trainer from start to finish.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits of using a Dec-Tec Professional for your projects:

  • A qualified professional install Dec-Tec products, backed by Skyline Building Systems
  • The ability to recommend the correct products thanks to proper training
  • An extremely high rate of success with installations
  • The peace of mind knowing our professionals provide a quality installation 

Becoming a Dec-Tec Professional:

  • Get recommended by our Territory Builders to the Specifier, Builder, Owner
  • Promotion of your company and services
  • Core competency where it counts on the Dec-Tec product offerings
  • Ongoing education, support, and communication from the Dec-Tec Technical Team
  • Referrals, meaning more business


Dec-Tec boasts a technical team focused on developing and growing our technical support and training initiatives. The first standardized, in-person training program developed by our team is the Dec-Tec Professional program. This is targeted toward installers and provides best practices, tips, tricks and a base of knowledge on many of our standard details which are broken down between two formats; theoretical and practical.

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