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PVC Vs. Hard Wood Deck Material

With an overwhelming choice of products, selecting the right material to build your durable all weather deck can be difficult for many. Though many homeowners advocate for the traditional look of a hardwood deck, modern alternatives such as PVC decking offer an option with lower maintenance and a lower lifetime cost than a traditional hardwood deck. To make your decking decision easier, we’ve created a comparison of hardwood vs PVC decking.

Which Material Works for Low Maintenance Decks?

Plastic decking material offers an easy and durable option for low maintenance decks. Where traditional wood decking requires painting or staining and twists and warps overtime, PVC deck membrane is easy to install and resistant to many types of damage. Unlike hardwood decking, vinyl decking is resistant to mould and insect damage, and is strong enough to withstand heavy usage and harsh climates.

Which is a Better Waterproof Decking Option?

For builders living in rainy, wet or coastal climates, deck waterproofing is an important consideration. A PVC deck membrane is naturally a waterproof material and offers buyers in these climates an ideal solution for their decks. Without heavy maintenance and sealing, natural hardwood can fall short when it comes to waterproofing, falling susceptible to problems such as rot and warping.

Which Deck Material is More Walkable

A PVC deck cover offers a number of benefits. For one thing, this plastic deck covering prevents the unpleasant splinters that are often encountered with traditional hardwood decks. In the hot summer months, PVC deck membrane offers yet another benefit over hardwood, with a cool to the touch feel on your feet, even when the temperature outside rises.

While hardwood had traditionally been the deck material of choice for many builders, new materials such as vinyl decking are shaking up the industry. With lower lifetime costs, lower maintenance, and high durability, the benefits of PVC decking material can’t be ignored.


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