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Our Dec-Tec Installation Toolkit

First rate quality is called for when laying and welding Dec-Tec membranes. After all, small errors can have expensive repercussions. That is why professionals rely on our comprehensive Dec-Tools Installation Kit to provide them with the precise and durable tools they need for Dec-Tec membrane installation. The toolkit comes complete with all the items listed in the features column, and is shipped in a durable, convenient toolbox for organized storage. The toolkit can also be ordered without the BAK welder.

Download Product Datasheet Material Safety Information


  • BAK RiOn heat gun
  • Spare heat element
  • Spare motor brush
  • Spare air filter
  • 40mm silicone seam roller
  • Membrane shears
  • 20mm flat welding nozzle
  • 20mm 90° welding nozzle
  • Seam tester
  • Wire nozzle cleaning brush
  • 3in1 membrane roller
  • 1/16" x 3/32" adhesive trowel
  • Durable toolbox


  • Toolbox shipped complete as above
  • Optional kit without BAK welder available


  • Plug welder into separate circuit
  • Keep air filter/vent clear of dirt and dust
  • Welding nozzles to be kept clean at all times before, during and after use
  • Caution - when turning off, turn the heat dial to zero and leave the fan running until welder blows cold air to prevent damage to ceramic heat element

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