Waterproof & Fire Resistant
Surface Protection

SBA 200 VC Adhesive

Dec-Tec SBA 200 VC offers a high quality adhesive with amazing grab qualities. Whether on a flat or vertical surface, SBA 200 VC will adhere to any of Dec-Tec’s quality membranes, and preformed PVC accessories, easily and effectively. Dec-Tec SBA 200 VC also works well on clean metals and flashings.

Important notes for VOC & LVOC adhesives:

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for the application of LVOC adhesives as special care and attention needs to be taken when using LVOC adhessives. VOC adhesives are more forgiving than LVOC; if you take the same liberties with LVOC you could run into problems. For example, upon opening, curing time varies depending on environmental conditions both during and after installation. How long you can have LVOC glue in the open is also affected by factors like temperature, humidity, wind, moisture level and the substrate temperature itself. Do not apply in wet weather or to a wet surface.

It is IMPERATIVE to ensure that the LVOC adhesive is COMPLETELY DRY when applied to the substrate, prior to applying the membrane.

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  • Solvent base glue offers outstanding grab characteristics on flats and verticals
  • Able to use in colder temperature installations
  • Works on wood, metal, or above grade concrete substrates with same performance
  • Low VOC


  • 5 US gallons/18.9 litres
  • 1 US gallon/3.78 litres


  • Application temperature: 34˚F to 104˚F (1˚C to 40˚C)
  • Weight:
    • 50 lbs / 21.6 kg per 5 US gallon Pail
    • 17 lbs / 7.75 kg per Case/(2) 1 US gallon Pail
  • Coverage: 50-60 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Shelf life: 12 months

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