Waterproof & Fire Resistant
Surface Protection

Dec-Clad Kickout

Termination has always been a difficult detail in the decking business until now. The Dec-Clad Kickout offers the easiest and most efficient way to terminate membrane details. The metal is fastened to the existing wall and the membrane is heat welded to it. Dec-Tec sealant is then added between the top of the Kickout and wall to ensure waterproofing and great aesthetic finish.

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  • 24 gauge G90 galvanized
  • PVC coated metal makes welded terminations easy and watertight
  • Color matched to our membranes
  • Cut and fit on site


  • Standard dimensions:
    • 3” x 1/2” x 1/2” » 8’ long
  • All lengths are 8’
  • Flat stock sheets in colored material 3’ x 8’ size
  • Custom profiles available (special order)

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