1. Personal Information: Defined as personal information about an identifiable individual

  2. How we collect personal information:
    • Directly from you when you sign up for newsletters, training waitlists, request documentation, and/or contact us through the forms built into our site
    • Certain data is automatically collected when you use our website.

  3. Information we collect:
    • Your name;
    • E-mail address;
    • Computer IP address;
    • Geographical location when you enable location tracking in our app; and
    • Information from cookies.

  4. Why we need this information:
    • For precise weather information and alerts;
    • In order to provide you with the information requested;
    • For use in academic research purposes
Please note that if you have never signed up for a newsletter, training waitlist, or submitted information on our website, we do not collect personal information about you and we have no way of identifying you.

  1. Aggregated information to third parties: We provide anonymous information to advertisers and advertising networks that require the data to select and serve ads that you will find more relevant.