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Maintenance and Cleaning for Your Vinyl Decking

A PVC deck offers a much lower maintenance option than a traditional hardwood deck. Without the need for regular stripping and staining, this unique deck material allows homeowners to maintain the new look of their deck without all the upkeep. To keep your PVC balcony or deck looking like new is easy - here are some great tips to do just that!

Cleaning Your Vinyl Deck

Keeping your plastic deck covering looking great is easy. For optimal upkeep, we recommend cleaning your PVC deck membrane twice a year using a multipurpose cleaner. To remove stubborn spots on your waterproof deck, turn to specialty deck cleaners to do the job. Avoid using chlorine bleach on your walkable deck membrane as it may be damaging to the material.

Are Power Washers Safe to Use on Plastic Decks?

Avoid using a power washer on your vinyl decking material, as this can damage the surface of any all weather decks if not used properly. Though your plastic deck covering is highly durable, it will last even longer if treated with care.

Fighting Fade on PVC Decking

Though PVC deck material does not require annual staining as a part of its regular maintenance, the colour of your deck is susceptible to fading over time. To keep the color of your deck deep and rich, you can re-stain your waterproof decking with products made just for this to fight the fade overtime.

A PVC balcony membrane offers a great solution for durable and low maintenance decks. Keeping your waterproof deck looking as good as new is easy to by following these great upkeep tips.


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