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Is Plastic Decking Material Sustainable?

Many consumers want to make the green choice when building their all weather deck. In doing so there are many factors to consider. When thinking about the environmental impact of your vinyl deck, it is important to consider not just the raw materials that go into initially building your deck, but other factors such as durability and life cycle. So how is PVC decking material green? We’ve created a quick list to highlight the ways that this waterproof decking product offers a sustainable solution.

Sustainability through Durable Low Maintenance Decks

A large benefit of vinyl decks is that they are highly durable with a long life cycle. Because of how long these well-made walkable deck membranes last, there is a reduction to the burden on landfills. Long lasting plastic decking material also means that these products will seldom require replacement, reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Protection through Weatherproof and Waterproof Decking

With a reliable PVC weatherproof and waterproof deck, these membranes protect your structure from the elements. With a reduced need for repair and replacement parts, plastic decks reduce environmental impact with lower needs for raw material production, transportation and installation. By choosing PVC waterproof deck solutions, you can build your deck right the first time and avoid wasting resources on fix ups and rebuilds.

Sustainable Low Maintenance Decks

Because of the ruggedness of PVC all weather decks, maintenance and upkeep requirements are low. With a reduced need for staining and coating after installation, vinyl decking material requires fewer raw materials after installation compared to hard wood decks.

When considering sustainability in building all weather decks, there are many factors to consider. PVC deck membrane is durable, protected from the elements and low maintenance, offering a reduced impact on the environment over its lifespan when compared to other materials such as hardwood decking.


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