Dec-Tec, proudly manufactured in North America, is a PVC single-ply vinyl decking membrane with a full complement of Dec-Tec approved system accessories to ensure high-end aesthetics and absolute waterproofing of your outdoor living space surfaces.

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We are a business dedicated to providing superior performance, leading innovations, and proven products to the decking, roofing, and outdoor flooring industries.  We serve those who know what they want, how they want it and when they want it.  But above all else, we bring value to every deck.

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There are numerous reasons to choose Dec-Tec as your decking solution.  Tired of annual maintenance on your wood deck?  Mold or mildew issues on old carpeting?  Outdoor coatings flaking away or cracking?  Concrete deck cracking, and looking like, well, old concrete?  Then Dec-Tec is for you!  It will provide a low maintenance, anti-mold, and mildew, non-cracking, superior looking surface.  And remember, as a system, Dec-Tec waterproofs your deck.

It starts with the manufacturing method.  Dec-Tec membranes are made via a process called spread coating.  The plastisol (molten liquefied PVC) is spread directly through the reinforcement, multi-directional fiberglass, thus encapsulating the reinforcement and creating a fully monolithic membrane with internal reinforcement.  There is no chance of delamination of the membrane.

PVC single-ply vinyl decking and roofing membranes are a factory finished product that provides added value to any deck surface by being easy to install, has an incredible look, and functionally provide waterproofing, slip resistance, fire inhibition, solar reflectance and longevity through membrane construction and low maintenance.

All of our 60 mil Dec-Tec membranes have a 10-year warranty.

All of our 80 mil Dec-Tec membranes have a 20-year warranty.

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Dec-Tec is sold through construction supply distribution channels and installed by their professional contractor base.  Dec-Tec membranes are idealistically installed by Dec-Tec Professionals who earn that specific designation by participating in our Dec-Tec Theoretical and Practical Training seminar.

Dec-Tec is sold through our valued distribution partners local stores.  Please click here or call for a store near you.

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Acceptable substrates that have been tested and proven to work are:

  • Plywood, specification:
    • Min. 5/8″ thick Tongue & Groove CDX
    • Min. 3/4″ thick Tongue & Groove APA, Exterior 1 rated
  • 1/2″ DensDeck Primed
  • Concrete Non-Primed, Fully Cured

No, you must use one of the acceptable substrates that have been tested and proven to work efficiently as a whole with the Dec-Tec System.

The Dec-Tec membrane is fully adhered to the substrate using an appropriate Dec-Tec adhesive. All membrane seams must overlap 2″ and are thermally heat welded together to create a watertight seal. Lastly, the Dec-Tec membrane is thermally welded to all of the PVC coated terminations and flashings, creating a truly monolithic system.

The Dec-Tec flashing is designed to be mechanically fastened (nailed using 1/4 inch roofing nails).

The Dec-Tec accessories were developed and tested as a part of the Dec-Tec system as a whole. Any other accessories have not been proven to be compatible with the Dec-Tec system, therefore would void the warranty if used. You can view the accessories we offer here.

Please call our technical division for further questions regarding compatibility: 1-866-461-3914

The membrane is adhered to the wall using the Solvent Based Adhesive. See our installation section for more detailed information.

Always check with your local building code first.  Dec-Tec recommends that there should be a minimum of 6″ of the membrane to run up the wall of the adjoining structure. Be sure to check with the local building code to verify what specifically is required.

Dec-Tec specifies a minimum application temperature of 34°F/1°C for the DecTec SBA 100 and SBA 200 and 50°F /10°C for a minimum of 24 hours for the Dec-Tec WBA 100.

Yes, the deck MUST be dry in order to accept the adhesive. See our installation section for more detailed information.

Dec-Tec membrane is laid down into the Water Based Adhesive when it is still WET, while the Solvent Based Adhesive is ready to accept membrane after the substrate has been double-primed, the first and second layer has dried and the membrane layer has become tacky to the touch. See our installation section for more detailed information.

The spreadcoat method is a unique process used when manufacturing Dec-Tec membrane.  The plastisol (molten liquefied PVC) is spread directly through the reinforcement, multi-directional fiberglass, thus encapsulating the reinforcement and creating a fully monolithic membrane with internal reinforcement.  There is no chance of delamination of the membrane.

5 Pinnacles of Real Technology

  1. Fibreglass Core – A lay, flat fibreglass core means more than a smooth looking finish. This feature means a product that will not fray at the cut edges (will not wick moisture) and provide you with a product averse to stretching or shrinking.
  2. High Definition Prints – Our Natural Line prints were hand rendered by an artist through multiple iterations and are extremely ink saturated, allowing for an increased depth of colour and beauty.
  3. High Traction – Certified High-Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute – a traction rating twice as high as the minimum requirement – not only brings the Natural Line to the forefront with leading technology, it shows Dec-Tec is always willing to push the bar higher.
  4. Superior Wear Protection – A marrying of innovative and tried and true production methods means numerous ways to bring you superior wear protection. High contents of premium plasticizers, a fiberglass core, scuff protection film, “deeper ink” and more, all allow the Natural Line the ability to boast superior wear protection.
  5. Enhanced UV Protection – Some of the new methods of production that provide superior wear protection also have the added benefit of providing enhanced UV protection meaning with the proper installation and care, Natural Line will stay looking great, longer.

Yes, the Dec-Tec membrane is a durable, walkable roof membrane, designed to high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

All Dec-Tec membranes exceed the minimum suggested values per NFSI 101-A for wet walkway surfaces. Dec-Tec surfaces are appraised as “high traction”. The embossment on the membrane is created to provide better resistance to slippery conditions, however like many surfaces; Dec-Tec can still be slippery when wet or snow/frost covered. It is the responsibility of the owner to clean and maintain their Dec-Tec deck to enjoy the deck to the fullest.


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