Decking options for rooftop decks

Do you have a flat rooftop area on your home that is not being utilized? Maybe it’s over a garage or that add on room you just built on to your house? A rooftop living space can provide a number of benefits but there are considerations and planning before you can start to enjoy that great view of downtown. 

Whether you are in an urban setting overlooking the city lights or a country setting surrounded by nature; a rooftop patio is sure to provide privacy along with sweeping views. Have you thought about adding a garden or maybe even a sun-room? The possibilities and deck design ideas are endless. A rooftop deck is a unique way to add some extra entertainment space within the footprint of your existing structure.

You will have many considerations when planning a rooftop space but a very important one is your choice of flooring. It is imperative that your flooring has the ability to waterproof the space below, vinyl decking products are a great way to achieve the waterproof finish with a stylish look and feel.

Many roof top patios are built using various roofing applications as the first waterproofing layer with the addition of walkable deck surface over-top. 

An example of this might be using a roofing membrane, such as EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), for your first layer which will provide your waterproofing. You would not enjoy walking on EPDM, though, so you will need to add composite boards, tiles or wood decking over top.

This application will ensure a waterproof deck, but it requires a two step process, unlike waterproof vinyl decking, which is a one stop-solution. Using EPDM in conjunction with deck materials also means that you are paying for two solutions and two installations. There’s twice the opportunity for a contractor to make costly mistakes during the installation process.

PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride) decking will accomplish both your roofing and decking needs in a one product process. One product means less time and money spent on installation; but it is important to note that not all PVC waterproofing membranes are the same. 

Ensure you only use a roof grade product such as Dec-Tec. Dec-Tec has been in the market place for over 35 years and was born from the roofing industry; it’s what allowed us to create the most reliable deck membrane available.  Dec-Tec is comprised of high grade polymer and internally reinforced with fiberglass. The fiberglass not only adds to the strength of the product but also lends to the high fire rating.

One common misconception of vinyl decking is that the aesthetic is outdated. Are you set on that wood-grain or tile look for your patio? Dec-Tec offers a variety of high definition prints that are modern and stylish (see our Natural Line). We are driving our industry to meet the aesthetic standards of indoor vinyl floors.

Our high end designs are now available in outdoor vinyl such as Dec-Tec with the addition of UV stabilized inks for long lasting color retention. If your rooftop patio has a lot of sun exposure and heat is a consideration then take a look at Dec-Tec’s Coolstep Line.  The only maintenance your vinyl deck will need is a quick wash with the hose or pressure washer to remove any dirt build up. Comfort underfoot is of the upmost importance and walking on outdoor vinyl is similar to walking on your kitchen floor; no slivers here.

Before renovating any space be sure to check with your local building departments and ask your local distributor to recommend an experienced reputable installer. In no time you will be enjoying your beautiful low maintenance rooftop living space.

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