Waterproof & Fire Resistant
Surface Protection

Whether you are planning an outdoor living room to gather with friends and family, or an apartment building that requires unparalleled waterproofing and low maintenance costs, we have the solution.

To protect your Dec-Tec membrane from scuffs, tears or excessive wear: wipe up spills as soon as possible, refrain from dragging heavy and/or sharp objects across the deck, be generally aware of jagged edges that can damage the membrane, use mats at doorways and landings whenever possible, and be careful with rolling castors. For regions with snow, use a plastic shovel to remove snow. De-icing salt products can be used on Dec-Tec, however all products available in the market have not been tested and some may cause premature fading of the printed pattern.

For BBQ areas, Dec-Tec recommends a mat be placed under and in front of the BBQ; this will help prevent hot grease burns. It is also recommended that you periodically move items such as flower pots and patio furniture on your deck to prevent build up of dirt around these objects. Do not extinguish cigarettes on Dec-Tec membrane.

Your Dec-Tec deck should be periodically washed (as required) using a mild detergent such as dish soap mixed with hot water and a medium bristle brush. Or if using a power washer, make sure ONLY a "fan" tip spray nozzle is used at a distance of at least 2' from the membrane. This will prevent build up of dirt and grime which in turn will help prevent mold and mildew, as well as potentially slippery conditions.

Download the Dec-Tec Maintenance Guide


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