Concrete and Vinyl Decks

Concrete decks and patios date back to the early 1900s.

The first codes and regulations for design of reinforced concrete structures were published and concrete became one of the most widely used material in construction. It is a durable patio and deck material that is relatively inexpensive to install.

Concrete poured slabs for decks on grade is still being used today in both single-residential homes and multi-family buildings. You will find concrete used for most single-family homes on grade and multi-family or condos above grade. 

Three ingredients are needed to make concrete: Portland cement, aggregate, and water. Cement is a powdered form and acts as a binding agent when mixed with water and aggregate.

An above grade concrete patio will remain in good shape for four to six years, but it could degrade sooner. When the once durable product starts to wear down, you’ll notice cracks and fractures in the concrete or chips breaking lose.

Concrete patios above grade require routine maintenance. If not properly maintained, repairs or replacement of the patio can become very costly. Cracks in concrete patios and decks are caused by corrosion and other embedded material. The expansion of concrete creates tensile stress and occurs due to water loss, which eventually causes the cracking, delamination and spalling. All of this leads to expensive repairs.

The instant you notice any break down of the surface, it’s imperative that you begin the process of a maintenance routine to prevent any further damage to the concrete patio.

The design and insulation of the patio depends on the finished look desired. Broom (smooth) finish is the simplest from an installation and design standpoint. It can range in price from $6-8 per square foot. A decorative or stamped pattern requires a bit more effort in design and planning stages, and it is definitely more labor intensive. The price range for this finish can range from $25-35 per square foot.

Trying to match existing decorative concrete while doing a repair is a system of trail and error, which means it can be costly and time consuming. In a small bucket, the concrete is mixed with pigment and water and mixed until a color match is reached.

Dec-Tec is a vinyl decking product, designed to fully waterproof decks. As a deck membrane, Dec-Tec is an exterior floor covering for outdoor spaces. Being a full deck system, Dec-Tec is a game changer for those looking for alternate decking options.

Dec-Tec is easy to install over an existing concrete deck or surface that has been properly prepared. It is cost effective and is a superior product for this type of application.

The Dec-Tec PVC vinyl decking membrane is UV stabilized, anti-microbial, slip resistance and provides excellent protection from the weather and mold and mildew. It has excellent vinyl to vinyl weldability, and the spreadcoat construction eliminates delamination.

Dec-Tec has a 10-20 year limited warranty and will bring intense value your deck project. It requires virtually no maintenance other than washing and removal of debris as necessary.

Dec-Tec provides four important things: waterproofing system, great aesthetics with a variety of colors and patterns, slip resistance and peace of mind. Perfect for outdoor living spaces, including patios, roof decks, walkways and more, Dec-Tec is a superior waterproof vinyl decking membrane.

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