Waterproof & Fire Resistant
Surface Protection

Dec-Tec's walkable membranes are the perfect finishing touch for any architectural roofing or decking project. Dec-Tec PVC membranes are completely waterproof when heat welded, fire and slip resistant and made of environmentally sustainable materials. Other Dec-Tec applications include: garage floors, pool surrounds, balconies, commercial walkways and more, making Dec-Tec one of the most versatile surface options for the past 25 years. Membranes are NFSI certified and contain green properties, preventing falls & staying out of the landfill. PVC is 15% recycled material - maintaining sustainability.

Minimal maintenance with proven longevity equals low life cycle costs based on a “per year” expense when compared to alternate walkable options. Dec-Tec walkable PVC systems install quickly and economically in new installations as well as add-on & retrofit installation and is fully adhered using approved adhesives.

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