Seven tips to find the best contractor for your next big deck idea

Hiring a well-trained, professional contractor for your vinyl deck project can have a massive impact on the final product. The way that your product is installed determines whether or not the entire system works like it’s supposed to.

Finding a proper contractor is pivotal for any renovation, and it can sometimes be a challenge to find someone you trust to renovate your outdoor spaces. That’s why we sometimes see people taking it upon themselves to knock down walls, install kitchen cabinets or re-tile their bathroom; it can be simpler than hiring a quality contractor for the right price.

Still, hiring a contractor is the first step in establishing a successful vinyl deck installation, which is why we put this list together. Utilize these steps to help you get started on building your outdoor living space:

1. Ask Relatives, Friends, And Co-Workers For References

Asking the people around you who have done similar projects are some of the best sources you can utilize. It could be family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances or even people in the construction trades. Local hardware store employees can also provide suitable referrals for waterproof vinyl deck installation.

2. Determine Your Needs Before Getting Estimates

Before you get an estimate on your project, get your ideas together and start some preliminary planning. Don’t start talking to contractors right away. Whether it’s deck design ideas or anything else, you’ll get a clearer estimate if you are very specific about what you want. Even better if you can be clear about the deck materials that you want to use to make it happen.

3. Interview Three Contractors At Least

Instead of going with the first contractor that catches your eye or returns your call, it would be better if you interviewed at least three different contractors. Ask a lot of questions about the available decking options and get a bid written from each of them.

Compare the bids, be sure that each of them includes the same materials and tasks, so there are no differences. Even if you have a contractor that you like, try getting three bids just to learn something from each interview. You want to be an expert in deck construction by the time you are selecting the final contractor to build, or install composite decking.

4. Check Local Yard Signs

Despite the digital age, some of the best ways to find a contractor is through yard signs. These signs show that legitimate contractors are working in your area and are trusted by your neighbors. Yard signs are especially beneficial for exterior home contractors as it is an effective advertising strategy for selling superior product.

5. Check With Local Builders Association

There is a builder’s association in almost every area, and they will have a directory listing of providers who participate in forums, home shows, as well as other community involvement events. Administrative staff and board members of builders associations work as well as live in the communities that they serve. They are an ideal source that recommends quality contractors for your outdoor rooms.

6. Check Your Local Paper’s Classified Ads

It’s old-school but checking the newspaper classified ads section can be a great source to look up commendable contractors. Still, it’s better to meet them in person to interview them in order to get to know them better and conduct due diligence before deciding to work with them.

7. Go Through Licenses, Complaints And Litigation History

Typically, general contractors, as well as subcontractors, have to be licensed, even though the procedure varies by state and municipality. Inspect the disciplinary boards, local court records and the Better Business Bureau for any problems. Ask the contractor that you have selected for a copy of their license as well as copies of the major subcontractors who will work for the job.

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